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Welcome Provincial Assembly of the Punjab Library

It is a matter of great privilege for the Punjab Assembly Library as it is considered one of the oldest Parliamentary Library in the country which was established in 1921. Being a specialized Library, it has a treasure of nearly 60,000 books of the following:-

A rich collection of Encyclopedias, including Electronic Multi Media Encyclopedias i.e. (CDs). Punjab Assembly has not only the proceedings of Senate, National Assembly of Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan Provincial Assemblies but also has the collection of proceedings of different Assemblies of the world i.e. Proceedings of Indian State Assemblies, Legislative Assembly of India, (Pre-independence period), Indian Lok Sabha, House of Commons, House of Lords and US Congress. This library is a parliamentary library has a remarkable collection of books on different topics including History, Politics, Law and Islam etc.

The library is also providing Internet facility to the Members of the Punjab Assembly

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